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Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Cyber Hammer is a Comedian

Tom DeLay has a blog. The aptly name is the disgraced former Republican's main media mouthpiece these days. It is an interesting experiment, in all seriousness, as I don't know that many politicians keep blogs that are as uncensored as his is (that is, it is common for candidates and elected officials to have blogs these days, but really they are mostly just press releases being written by their assistants).

My guess is that Tom sees the netroots angle, which he hasn't really engaged in before, as the way for him to fester under the radar for a few years until he regains his power and the time is right for his reemergence, sort of like Voldemort. So who knows, stranger things have happened, and this may be a way for DeLay to connect with the right-wingers to become influential again. (Sample comment from one fan on his blog: "I have hardly seen as eloquent a rebuttal to [Nancy Pelosi's] antics at this. Nice work. Now...RUN FOR PRESIDENT!" Yikes!)

However, this post by DeLay is funny. Specifically, the following lines, if you keep in mind the author: "By hand-picking Rep. Jack Murtha (D-PA) to do in her longtime rival Hoyer, Nancy seemed to forget all about the ‘culture of corruption’ that she blamed on the House Republicans (and me in particular). Instead she went to bat for Murtha, her trusted henchman, whose screen credits include appearing to be holding out for a better deal in the FBI’s ABSCAM bribery sting. Compounding her problems, one of her less subtle allies, Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) was reported by even the liberal Washington Post to have made not-so-veiled threats on behalf of the Pelosi/Murtha team."

There you have it, folks--Tom DeLay, the king of corruption, cronyism, and strong-arm tactics, speaking out against corruption, cronyism, and strong-arm tactics. I don't even necessarily disagree with DeLay on these points (except for his assertion that Murtha was "holding out for a better deal" in ABSCAM), but it is amazing that after all that has happened with DeLay, after he resigned in disgrace, and arguably precipitated the downfall of Congressional Republicans, that he would still not get it. DeLay has the nerve to criticize someone for the evils for which he was most infamous. And that actually makes me laugh.


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